Top-level \(T.self) encoded as number JSON fragment

I tried to directly encode an enum to json. I get the following error: “Top-level (T.self) encoded as number JSON fragment.”.
I looked up the corresponding source line in the Swift sources:

Judging from the code, it looks like it’s only possible to encode structs/dictionaries/arrays to json with the JSONEncoder. Is this true?

Would you mind to provide a small code snippet to play around with the issue?

Here you go:

enum E: Int, Codable {
	case one

do {
	try JSONEncoder().encode(
catch {
	print("\(error)") // "Top-level E encoded as number JSON fragment."

Yes, this is true for now. JSONEncoder uses JSONSerialization to serialize into JSON, and JSONSerialization requires the top-level values to not be fragments (i.e. they must be containers).

If you can, please file a bug and we can consider expanding this, either at the JSONSerialization or JSONEncoder level.


Sure, I love filing bugs, as long as it’s no black-hole radar ;-)


@itaiferber Do we have any updates on the progress of (which dupes)?

This seems like it might not be such a trivial update to .allowFragments since encoding/decoding requires the existence of containers. Though you might consider this case to use a singleValueContainer. Let's at least start discussing this again.

Yes, @bendjones has worked on this internally, though this is not aligned with Swift 5 proper. No specific promises, but we’d like to land this in the Swift 5.x timeframe.


Thanks for the update. Glad to know that it hasn't been forgotten.

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