Toolchain on Linux CI Machines

Hello people (and @mishal_shah),

With the final goal to use llbuild's Swift library from SwiftPM, I opened a pull request to get Swift's build-script building those Swift bindings:

Unfortunately, the build fails on Linux because it can't find the Foundation libraries. To resolve this, @Aciid suggested that that the Linux CI machine be setup with the same toolchain at the macOS machines. Is this something that could b e done?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I just realized installing a toolchain won’t work right now because we want to use the just built compiler for the bindings. Maybe we should create a fake toolchain from the built products, similar to what we do in SwiftPM’s bootstrap script. In future, we might be able to use this fake toolchain with an installed SwiftPM to build the entire llbuild project. @ddunbar might have more ideas here.