There is no XCFramework found at

Hello everybody! I'm creating a package for my library and I'm receiving a weird error. I'm using a binary distribution via XCFramework, it was working correctly but after Xcode 12.0.1 (12A7300) update now I'm receiving this error:

There is no XCFramework found at '/Users/dcortess/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/MyLibraryPackage-dmcywthlvowwtsfemshcijadlusl/SourcePackages/artifacts/MyLibraryPackage/MyLibrary.xcframework'.

I'm attaching my Package.swift also

// swift-tools-version:5.3
// The swift-tools-version declares the minimum version of Swift required to build this package.

import PackageDescription

let version = "9.0.16"

let package = Package(
    name: "MyLibrary",
    platforms: [
        .iOS(.v12), .tvOS(.v12)
    products: [ 
        // Products define the executables and libraries a package produces, and make them visible to other packages.
            name: "MyLibrary",
            targets: ["MyLibrary"]),
    dependencies: [
        // Dependencies declare other packages that this package depends on.
        // .package(url: /* package url */, from: "1.0.0"),
    targets: [
        // Targets are the basic building blocks of a package. A target can define a module or a test suite.
        // Targets can depend on other targets in this package, and on products in packages this package depends on.
            name: "MyLibrary",
            url: "https://validURL/\(version)/",
            checksum: "e37dce0e616f3e7146cab01a124b0d319ee41f6545e7e5de863c1f77abe3af28"

Don't see an immediate issue with your package, how do the contents of the file look like?

Thanks for the reply NeoNacho, the library works fine, if we distribute manually the XCFramework everything works perfect

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