The Swifty Bikeshed

Language matters! Now I am talking about words and what they mean. Swift Evolution seems to have embraced the word bikeshedding, like people that proudly self-identify as grammar police, we have appropriated it to mean “engage in long naming debate”. But it is not right. It has an important meaning. We need to restore that. Otherwise this turn of newspeak serves as an open invitation for endless wasting of our collective time. Bikeshedding offends me, and it should offend you.

When I call you out for bikeshedding—which I promise to do—I’m not praising your commitment to brainstorming. I’m telling you that you’re missing the forest for the trees and you need to refocus. If all you’re willing to invest here is throwing a few pet method names in a hat, I’d rather you did more. You want us to help clarify a tricky bit of API? Write up a summary of prior art from other programming languages that helps us use the terminology well. Then we can put a Swifty spin on top of that. Let’s not bikeshed anymore!

Pavol opened four separate threads to discuss different aspects of what I think is really a single argument. I'm therefore going to lock this thread and recommend that any further conversation be taken to the thread with the most discussion.

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