The concept of runtime issues

Hi community, during SE-0196 I said that it would be really cool if we would eventually extend the language to emit runtime issues triggered by some compiler diagnostic directives.

This idea intrigued a few of the community members and even the core team mentioned it in the rationale:

Now I had the chance to watch the following WWDC session 'Debugging with Xcode 11'. I noticed that SwiftUI provides custom 'runtime issues' similar to the idea mentioned above.

  • Is this a hidden compiler feature or SwiftUI internal hook for Xcode?

  • In case of the former, can we expose it to the rest of the community?

cc @John_McCall @Joe_Groff @dabrahams @Douglas_Gregor


Let's bump this thread. Is there a chance we could possibly get this feature rolling? Maybe it's now the right time as we are currently discussing the concrete implementation for these directives as macros. (cc @Douglas_Gregor again)

Today I think this feature should be standalone and not tied to the directives. It should be something lightweight and on par with assert but without a failure. Maybe some kind of global emit function with parameters similar to print?


You may get some inspiration from Unobtrusive runtime warnings for libraries by Point-Free.

Sample code: swift-composable-architecture/RuntimeWarnings.swift at main · pointfreeco/swift-composable-architecture · GitHub


I'd love to see this feature being made official. It would be hugely helpful for writing robust, invariant-checking code!

It's one of the things I was expecting them to release a separate package. It's so useful!

As the resources shared by @gwendal.roue indicate, runtime warnings occur by a call to the logging framework. However, instead of using your app's DSO handle, you use one of the Apple-internal frameworks, such as SwiftUI or Foundation.

Well I've seen that post, my original questions were three years old though. :smirk:

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