The canvas isn’t visible in Xcode11.0

Hi all,
I flowing tutorial about swift UI. But I cannot show the can show the Canvas (I also used the tip Tip: If the canvas isn’t visible, select Editor > Editor and Canvas to show it. but still cannot show). I used Xcode 11.0 beta on MacOS 10.14.4.

SwiftUI is available only on macOS 10.15


Thanks for point it out.

Actually, SwiftUI works with Xcode 11 on macOS 10.14.5, but tools like Canvas won't be available. This is my experience so far.

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Not sure if I should start a new post...but Canvas does not appear in my 2-year old project even though I recently upgraded to macOS 10.15 (19A547) and Xcode 11.1 (15405). Yes, I have selected Editor menu/Canvas to show it. Must I enable/select/configure other parts of my project? Simulator works fine. Building a new project shows Canvas working properly.

Many thanks in advance.

I have the same problem as kreutz, I have osx 10.15.2. It was appearing before and shows on other projects but now I can't seem to get it back on this one project, very annoying!

I found that if I remove everything from the view and just put a spacer, the canvas comes back, then I can put in my stacks again and it renders them. Seems buggy, maybe this will help others.