The 2023 Swift Mentorship Program

The Swift Mentorship Program is back for 2023! You can learn about the Swift Mentorship Program, the 2023 timeline, and instructions for how to apply at

The Mentor Interest Survey is open now through June 26th, and the Mentee Interest Survey will open on July 3rd. Please consider participating! If you have questions, please reach out to @contributor-experience-workgroup.


The Mentee Interest Survey is open now through July 10th!


Thank you for this information. I've submitted my interest application!


Same here :raised_hands:t2:

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Can't wait to get started!

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Me too, I'm looking forward to the experience

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Same here :)

Hi, I am trying to complete the survey, thought I would be able to submit an application today, but it looks like I am unable to.

Hopefully I can still submit. Thanks, Mike

The survey is open until 11:45pm PT today. I also confirmed that clicking on the above link takes me to an open survey.

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Thanks. I was able to figure out a workaround and go it sorted. Thanks. Mike

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my excitement on two fronts that the universe has brought to me.

First Ive recieved word that I have been paired with a Swift mentor for this years Swift MentorShip Program. I am beside myself with excitement. I value education provided through mentorships becuasue with out menorship in my life I would not have the success I already have in life.

Second and this one is insane:
I'm in Florida and Miami-Dade College just called me. I expressed interest in their Swift / iOS developer classes a few months ago. Turns out Apple will be covering all costs of tuition, books and transportation and will also cover Swift certification exam!!!!!! I could cry; im so happy and blessed. Class starts Aug. 21st in person.
I'm still in shock becuase this is a huge opportunity


At this time, all participants of the 2023 Swift Mentorship Program have been notified of their match. If you did not receive an email, it unfortunately means we were not able to match you with a mentor. There were about twice the number of potential mentees to mentors, so we were not able to match all potential mentees.

However, we still encourage you to explore contributing to the Swift project or other open source projects! There are a lot of different ways to contribute and learn from the community. If you have any questions or need any guidance, please reach out to @contributor-experience-workgroup!