Thank you, bye for now.

(Thorsten Seitz) #1

Dear colleagues

I’ve been on swift-evolution for a few weeks now

and I hope you liked at least some of

my contributions and ideas.

I won’t be on swift-evolution for some time,

because there are other things I must do,

which have higher priority.

However, what also influenced my decision

was a hostile email I have have received

from someone who writes frequently on

swift-evolution. Positive feedback on that

from me was ignored. It doesn’t matter

wo that person is. I am not very good in dealing

with arrogance, too much ego and hypocrisy.

That’s bad news :frowning:

Hope you don’t mean my mail where I wrote

“I could probably live without commas between lines but I consider having only whitespace between parameters on the same line to be horribly unreadable (your example 3).”

The formulation “horribly unreadable” was certainly not meant to be hostile.

But then I think it must have been some other mail because you mention that you have written feedback to the person in question and I didn’t get any message from you.

Sad to see you go, especially for such a reason.

Kind regards



Am 15. März 2016 um 12:10 schrieb “Ted F.A.van Gaalen via swift-evolution”

It was a pleasure to interact with so many creative

an inspiring people! I am sure this will

further improve Swift.

I would like to thank Chris and the other members

of the Swift Core Team for creating such a good

language that Swift already is!

Kind Regards


ted van gaalen

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