Targets with build plugin generated source require a swift file

If I have a target whose swift code is exclusively generated by swift build plugins, swift package manager warns that the target has no source files and doesn't build the target. Even though there will be swift code as it is generated by the build process. To get the target to compile I have to add an empty swift file to the target. Is this intended?

Not sure if intended but it definitely is a known thing, usually just putting a "generated.swift" that is empty and explains where the actual sources "are" is good to do and solves the issue. To be honest that's not so bad, one would normally want a "readme" or something in there anyway, no?

@NeoNacho @abertelrud can comment on wether this is a bug or intended.

That's what I've been doing. Was just wondering if this is the official line.

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It is a known issue, tracked by rdar://92858144 internally