Target Confusion

I am attempting to make a single Xcode project file with targets for macOS, iOS and tvOS
I have created the required schemes... and testing an empty project for each platform "works"

There will be some files (logic) that will be shared and some (GUI) that will be platform specific

I'm confused on a number of issues..

  1. If I "add" an existing file to the project, it appears at the top of the list, and if I attempt to drag it to a "folder", it leaves it at the top, and seems to create a pointer entry in the folder... this obviously clutters up the navigator..

  2. On SOME files when I select them, the right pane shows the targets (all UNCHECKED) and won't allow me to select any, OTHER files give me no choice at all... For example I have multiple Asset.xcassets files.. and I only need one to be shared across all 3 platforms, but I cannot select a target for any of them

I don't want to get in to the meat of this project until I'm sure I have the target structure laid out properly

Restarting Xcode cleared up some of it... but its a bit of a pain

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