SwiftWasm 5.6.0 is now available

SwiftWasm maintainers are happy to announce the new release of SwiftWasm tracking upstream Swift 5.6!

Notable WebAssembly-specific changes in this release:

  • The toolchain is now available for Ubuntu 20.04 on aarch64 and Amazon Linux 2 on x86_64 architectures.
  • Updated WASI SDK with support for "reactor" and "command" execution models. You should be using "reactor" model for event-based (browser) applications, while "command" mode is suitable for command-line applications.

SwiftWasm 5.6.0 is also accompanied by new releases of JavaScriptKit library for bridging Swift calls to JavaScript via WebAssembly, carton command-line build tool, and Tokamak SwiftUI compatibility library.

Please refer to the announcement blog post for more details.


Great work to get this out so soon after the release of Swift 5.6. Thank you to all contributors!