SwiftWasm 5.4.0 has been released

SwiftWasm 5.4.0 is out! This release matches upstream Swift 5.4, and allows you to compile Swift apps (as long as they don't use code specific to other platforms) to WebAssembly, and even run them in the browser.

Due to limited support for M1 and ARM64 on available CI platforms, we're currently only providing x86_64 builds. x86_64 confirmed to work fine with Rosetta on Big Sur. Compatibility with Xcode 13 beta or future GM build is not guaranteed right now. We're working on providing more prebuilt binaries in the future.

An accompanying release of watcher/builder/runner for SwiftWasm apps, carton 0.11 has been tagged. Starting with this version you get SwiftWasm 5.4.0 automatically downloaded for your apps by default.

In other great news, today we've got our last remaining PR merged to the upstream SwiftPM repository. We no longer need to maintain a fork of SwiftPM and can use the upstream repository directly. This is a great step towards enabling WebAssembly in upstream Swift.

Still remaining are forks of Foundation (had some great progress with this one last month), XCTest, the Swift compiler itself with runtime/stdlib, and a fork of LLVM/Clang. There's still a lot of upstreaming to do, and we appreciate all help we can get, especially reviews for PRs on upstream repositories.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions and feedback! We also appreciate continued support from our sponsors.


Very exciting! Thanks for all your hard work on this SwiftWasm team.

If I wanted to learn more about what kinds of requirements or blockers need to be addressed before enabling Wasm in upstream Swift, where would I look?

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We have a list of PRs that were submitted so far, but it's incomplete in a sense that not everything has been submitted yet.

The complete diff to the upstream swift repository is probably the most representative. Just ignore a couple of scripts in the diff that we use to build everything on GitHub Actions, since we're not integrated with upstream Swift CI yet.

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