SwiftUI List init

I'm going mad to understand how List works internally, and how can i encapsulate or modify RowContent at that conditions.

struct PlaceList<SelectionValue, Content> : View where SelectionValue : Hashable, Content : View {
    private let content: Content
    var body: some View {

extension PlaceList where SelectionValue == Never {
    @MainActor init<Data, ID, RowContent>(_ data: Data, id: KeyPath<Data.Element, ID>, @ViewBuilder rowContent: @escaping (Data.Element) -> RowContent) where Content == ForEach<Data, ID, RowContent>, Data : RandomAccessCollection, ID : Hashable, RowContent : View {

The usual caveats about underscored/private API apply, but I believe this blog post should answer your questions.

Thanks for helpful comment, i got a look on your link, it clarify that behind the scene SwiftUI API can manipulate content in a way is not possible for devs.