SwiftUI keyboardShortcut(.defaultAction) modifier makes Button's Text bolded

Hi, everyone.
I ran into an annoying issue.

SwiftUI provides keyboardShortcut modifier since iOS 14.0+. I'm testing this modifier in both iOS 14.5 and 15.5 simulators.

If you set keyboardShortcut(.defaultAction) to Button in 15.5, you can see that bold() is automatically applied to the Button's Text.

However, if the same View is run in 14.5, there is no bold(). Is this a bug or something?
Please refer to the screenshot below.

Also, in 15.5, when you press the return key on the MacBook's hardware keyboard, the print action immediately appears on the console, whereas in 14.5, there's no response unless you directly press the Button once with your cursor.

In summary

  1. I don't want automatic bold() Text even if defaultAction is set.
  2. In 14.0+ simulators, I want keyboardShortcut to behave in a consistent way.

If you have any solution, please comment. thank you! :smiley: