SwiftUI and Guided Access (UIGuidedAccessRestrictionDelegate?)

So after much Googling and searching Swift forums, I'm coming up dry here.

What is the recommended approach to using class-bound delegates that have no SwiftUI counterpart (yet)?

Case in point: UIGuidedAccessRestrictionDelegate, where I may have typically added this as a conformance in an extension on AppDelegate.

class AppDelegate { ... }

extension AppDelegate: UIGuidedAccessRestrictionDelegate { ... }

However, SwiftUI apps are structs.

struct MyApp: App { ... }

extension MyApp: UIGuidedAccessRestrictionDelegate { ... }
// error: Non-class type 'MyApp' cannot conform to class protocol 'NSObjectProtocol'

Apple's documentation mentions that this protocol must be adopted by the AppDelegate class. So this seems like a no-go for SwiftUI?

Are fringe feature-sets like Guided Access parameters being added to SwiftUI at some point in future?

Hi! These forums are about the Swift language, so questions about the SwiftUI private apple framework are kinda offtopic. In the future, try asking at https://developer.apple.com/forums/tags/swiftui

As for how to use UIApplicationDelegate in SwiftUI app, there is UIApplicationDelegateAdaptor property wrapper you can use

struct MyApp: App { 
    @UIApplicationDelegateAdaptor(AppDelegate.self) var appDelegate
class AppDelegate: NSObject, UIApplicationDelegate, UIGuidedAccessRestrictionDelegate {
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Brilliant, thank you.

I was headed to the Apple dev forums initially but came here in a brainfart thinking this would be a more appropriate place. This thread can be deleted if desired.

IMO, it is swiftier to move the type of the delegate to the back:

@UIApplicationDelegateAdaptor var appDelegate: AppDelegate

not that it matters much.

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Yeah :sweat_smile:
I just copied a snipped from www.hackingwithswift.com without much thought

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