SwiftPNG has moved repositories!

just a small notice, in order to follow community package naming conventions, the swift png library has moved to a new repository named swift-png. this move is necessary because of limitations in the SPM.

this rename does not affect the naming of the package products, or its modules, which remain stable. however, due to the limitations of GitHub Pages, this move broke all incoming links to its GitHub Pages API reference, which now redirect to the package root instead.

we understand this is extremely inconvenient, but we were caught in a hard place between the SPM, which ties package names to repository URLs with no ability to op-out, and GitHub, which does not support redirecting Pages links.

we have provided a tagged version, 4.0.2, which contains updated versions of the swift-png tutorials with links that point to the new GitHub Pages reference.

in the long term, the goal is to move the API docs to the more stable SwiftBiome system at swiftinit.org. hopefully, that will be the last time the docs move.