SwiftPM Build Tool Plugin Template doesn't build

When I try to build right after initializing a new build-tool-plugin, I get The package does not contain a buildable target.

If I do really need a .target or .executableTarget, --init should set up my package that way — if I don't need it, then... it should not give an error.

➜ mkdir NewPlugin
➜ cd NewPlugin
➜ swift package init --type build-tool-plugin
Creating build-tool-plugin package: NewPlugin
Creating Package.swift
Creating .gitignore
Creating Plugins/
Creating Plugins/NewPlugin.swift
➜ swift build
error: The package does not contain a buildable target. 
Add at least one `.target` or `.executableTarget` to your `Package.swift`.

What do I need to do to make a distributable build plugin tool?

I was able to get this building by adding an .executableTarget to the targets list and creating a source file for that target.

I also had issues :confused: but mine was no support from Swift's sourcekit-lsp and IDE while coding from a linux distribution. Is Swift package plugin meant to be Xcode only?