SwiftOnServer.com now resolves snippet's symbols

We (@Joannis_Orlandos, @tiborbodecs and @taylorswift) have recently announced our partnership with SwiftInit, and have continued to add ways to leverage swiftinit's symbol database.

Using this database, we've re-written articles to use Swift Snippets - compilable example programs that become executables. This allows readers to try out the they read in tutorials, and see the source as well.

By compiling the snippets, we can verify that our sample code is functional and without bugs. In addition, we use Swiftinit's database to build links from the rendered source code to swiftinit documentation.

This allows you to hover over any symbol, including operators, and see a small overview in a tooltip. In addition, these symbols are links to the rendered documentation (on swiftinit.org) as well.

This update is part of a larger effort to improve documentation and tutorials across the Swift Server ecosystem. We also think that these tooltips provide excellent visual insight for library authors into how their documentation, or the lack thereof, impacts new users.

We're looking forward to expanding the features of swiftonserver.com in addition to adding more articles. We've already reached out to various community members to collaborate on articles for their libraries - or libraries they're passionate about.

If you're interested in contributing content as well, reach out to me or @tiborbodecs through the forums, the Swift Slack server, or any of the various Swift Discord servers.