SwiftGen Plugin Execution Issue: Local vs Remote Package Integration

We have integrated the SwiftGen plugin as described here into two of our utilized Swift Package Frameworks: Core and B. However, only when we add our Swift Package locally do the plugins from both Core and B get executed.


  • Two Swift Packages: Core and B. B is dependent on Core.
  • Both packages use the SwiftGen Plugin separately.

Local Implementation (working): When we add package B via 'Add packages -> Add Local', the SwiftGen plugin (in both B and Core) is executed successfully.

Remote Implementation (B not working): When we integrate B via GitHub in the prebuild phase, only the SwiftGen plugin of Core is executed, but not that of B.

We have attempted Reset Package Caches and Update to Latest Package Version in Xcode Version 14.3 (14E222b) without success. Unfortunately we could not reproduce the issue with vanilla swift packages depending on each other having swiftgen plugin integrated.

Why is there a difference in the execution of plugins when adding a local package compared to a remote one? Or can you give me any hints to debug this issue?