Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: November 7th 2023




Group members update

  • @tomerd voting on the workgroup member changes in progress.
    • :a: @tomerd to create a PR with the changes once voting is done.
    • :a: Create a forum post about member changes. We can include a CTA for people to join the workgroup.

PR #438

The group will review the PR then suggest some next steps.


  • @kaishin walked through the changes done since the last meeting.
  • :a: @tomerd to work on reorganizing documentation links.
  • :a: @James_Dempsey to work on linking to the about page.
  • :a: @kaishin to push the branch upstream and share with the group.

PR #423

  • :a: @kaishin address feedback from @alexander before merge.
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