Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: May 9th 2023




Publish meeting notes

  • :a: @kaishin Publish notes from April 11th
  • :a: @0xTim Publish notes from April 25th

Content improvements feedback from core team

Landing page

  • :a: @daveverwer Rework the "Why Swift?" section to better describe what Swift is instead
  • :a: @TimTr Find 1 code snippet that we can highlight on the landing page
    • later we can think about coming up with ~10 snippets to rotate, but this will require some more effort that shouldn't block the contents branch
  • :a: @alexandersandberg Add a box to the landing page to highlight above snippet in + possibly add code highlighting (@tomerd will send some resources he has used before for this)
  • :a: @daveverwer Start thinking about how we can show packages/statistics from SPI on Swift.org
  • :a: @tomerd Talk with @compnerd how we can possibly showcase cross-platform/Windows as a use case next to Apple platforms/Server
    • can we maybe include it in the CLI guide somehow as well?

Getting started

  • :a: @tomerd Improve tone in "Use cases" description — it's a bit too plain at the moment; not very exciting to read
  • :a: @tomerd Improve Library guide with better introductory text — what is a library?
  • :a: @kaishin + @tomerd + @0xTim to work together on creating better, a bit more consistent headers/footers for each guide with links to source code, some next steps, community resources?
  • :a: @James_Dempsey + @kaishin Visually lift TSPL in getting started — currently quite hidden
    • can we reuse the existing boxes?
    • can we highlight TSPL and maybe some other links at the top of the page like on the landing page?
  • :a: @mishal_shah + @James_Dempsey Add new section between "Installing Swift" and "Using Swift" for people new to programming with relevant links on how to get started
    • "Swift is a great first language to learn. Here are some links to getting started..." (something like this)
    • Should we reuse the boxes here as well to keep it consistent?

Install/download pages

  • :a: @mishal_shah Finish the work and open a PR — target date May 15th

Future action items

  • Feature latest blog post on landing page
  • Host getting started guides and other content with DocC
    • What do we need to modify to integrate DocC as part of the website building process?
    • We need to fix the sidebar conflict before this as well

Calendar PR

  • action item for later to discuss the approach in regards to hosting components outside the repo or not and what's possible
  • @mishal_shah mentioned that it also would be nice to be able to subscribe to the content as events change


  • No meeting next week due to WWDC :tada:
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