Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: May 21, 2024



Review meeting notes

  • No notes from May 7 meeting.
    List of workgroup initiatives was discussed but no decisions were made

Workgroup Initiatives

  • @parispittman suggested putting out list of these projects in the forums
  • :a: @kaishin will contact @alexandersandberg to pair on making the list public
  • @James_Dempsey mentioned that he had suggested adding site information architecture as an initiative to create a strategy for how to incorporate things like the proposed tools page into the site.
  • @parispittman suggested that it may be possible to request contractor support for larger initiatives.
  • @parispittman suggested it may make sense to form initiative groups of community members who are not all in the website workgroup to work on initiatives.

Tools page

Discussion around introducing a new top-level page focused on tools, specifically editors to begin with. The intent being to make it easier for people to use Swift on different platforms.

Main points of discussion were:

  • Should it be in top navigation or located elsewhere
  • Whether page name should be "Tools" or "Editors" opinion was fairly evenly split
  • Agreement that regardless of the name, the page should include only editors to begin

Getting Started Guides

@parispittman started the discussion about getting a number of getting started guides edited and reviewed.
The decision was to have the guides submitted as PRs as articles to begin the review process.
Once added as articles, links can be added from the articles page, tools page, etc. as desires.

Additional Topics

  • Discussed and approved PR #664
  • Discussed site accessibility and need to do an accessibility audit
  • Discussed swift-markdown needing a semver tag for its latest version. @mishal_shahwill move to use similar tagging approach as swift-syntax
  • Discussed adding functionality to the evolution metadata extraction tool to provide ci validation of swift evolution PRs, to prevent proposals with malformed metadata from being committed.
  • @parispittman announced that all re-applying members were accepted.