Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: March 12th 2024




Swift 6.0 Migration Guide

Both @hborla and @mattie attended the first portion of the meeting to discuss hosting the Swift 6.0 Migration Guide on swift.org.

The migration guide will be much more in-depth than previous migration guides due to the number of background concepts that must be understood and the number of migration tools available. It will include both written documentation as well as example code.

Swift.org Hosting / Integration

The hope would be for the entire migration guide to be contained in a single repo, with swift.org hosting the rendered DocC content.

@hborla would like to make a draft of the migration guide available as soon as possible.


Making the migration guide visible from the home page and documentation page was discussed.

  • @parispittman suggested a front page banner
  • :a: @alexandersandberg will create some initial mockups for a front page banner
  • Migration guide would also be included on documentation page
  • Possibly replacing one of the four font page buttons was suggested
  • @cthielen suggested using it as an opportunity to move documentation page itself to DocC


Blog Posts

Server virtual meetups

The server community will have regular virtual meetups. The meetups will also be distributed on YouTube.

The upcoming community showcase would be a possible place to list the meetups. The first meetup is in about a month and the community showcase may not be finished by then.

Until that is possible, will add the announcement and link to the meeting to the Swift on Server page.

  • :a: @0xTim will prepare a pull request with the meetup details

Links to the recordings of past meetups will also be included on Swift.org.

  • @mishal_shah suggested not embedding the YouTube video on swift.org to prevent unknown ads / follow-on video content from appearing on the site.
  • @0xTim preferred embedding, making Swift.org more interactive.
  • @alexandersandberg believes the ads / follow-on video features can be disabled without paying to do so

Server community

The conversation about linking to the meetup brought a broader conversation about supporting the Swift server community on swift.org

The overall question posed by @parispittman being how to reach out to other communities / markets that have different expectations in terms of online community and resources.

Top Navigation Feedback

Discussions about two pieces of forum feedback on the new top navigation feedback

Forums Link

Received feedback that a direct link to the forums should be included in the Community menu.

  • @parispittman favored adding a link in the first bullet point on the Community Overview page

  • @cthielen favored adding the link to the drop down menu

  • There was concern about that menu becoming too large.

  • @James_Dempsey noted the various workgroup items could probably be condensed into a single item.

  • @alexandersandberg noted there is a link to the forums at the bottom of the front page

  • A thought was to include a link to the forms as part of the community section on the front page.

  • :a: @parispittman will present an MVP of revamped governance / community sections for the workgroup to review

Downloads page

Discussed feedback of confusion over install / download pages.

  • @mishal_shah had a conversation with @cthielen about taking inspiration from the Node.js downloads page.
  • :a: @mishal_shah will have a proof of concept to present to the group at the next workgroup meeting.

Evolution metadata extractor

  • @James_Dempsey reported the rewritten evolution metadata extractor is now in production. He also pointed workgroup members to a proposal for updating the reported metadata.
  • :a: @James_Dempsey will propose the changes and transition plan in the public forum.
  • @mishal_shah reported that the Core Team thought a developer spotlight post about the evolution metadata extractor would make a good addition to the blog.