Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: June 20th 2023




Content Improvements PR

  • Addressed feedback from Core Team and how to move ahead with the PR. Some key decisions:
    • We're moving ahead with a single PR as multiple PRs will provide less context individually.
  • :a: @0xTim Sort download sections for the different tutorials.
  • :a: @kaishin
    • Add a couple of todos in the description.
    • Create a PR for main.
    • Add a link to the live site.
  • :a: @alexandersandberg Post the PR link on the forums.
  • The review will mostly focus on the preview, and less on the codebase.
  • We need to merge pending PRs before opening the PR against main.
  • :a: @tomerd to update his PR and merge it.
  • Discussion around the Why Swift section.
    • :a: @daveverwer To open a PR that introduces a new title and tagline.
  • Code snippet PR pending further feedback on the code snippets.
  • A fixed code snippet height can be used to avoid the content jumping around.
  • @kaishin mentioned that the code snippet rotation could be less friendly to linking.
  • @James_Dempsey mentioned that we a blog post about the updated site could be a good idea.
  • @0xTim brought attention to the blog post PR backlog.
  • @James_Dempsey The reference value type blog post is a blocker for the content improvement PR.
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