Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: July 2nd, 2024




Coordinating blog posts and social media

@mishal_shah to inquire with @timsneath on how best to coordinate timing and topic approvals. It was noted that approvals can be gathered ahead of time, but timing is critical to ensure website support is available should blog posts need fixes.

Blog post review

The list of known blog posts in any form (submitted, draft, scheduled) was reviewed by the workgroup. Individual blog posts were assigned owners if they did not have any, and actions on individual posts will be taken with their respective owners.

Swift.org PR review

Formalizing a Swift.org redesign effort

The PR review above started a discussion about the Swift.org website redesign that lasted until the end of the meeting.

The workgroup agreed that a Swift.org redesign should be one of its main projects for the next 6-12 months. We discussed the need for a subgroup to meet individually on this topic to make progress and report back to the website workgroup. Two separate efforts will be spun up around information architecture and visual design. @mishal_shah will reach out to @James_Dempsey on information architecture, and he will reach out to @kaishin on visual design. @daveverwer and @alexandersandberg expressed interest in helping on these subgroups as well.

@federicobucchi also brought up the need to provide localizations of Swift.org. The group agreed with this in principle, but feels it is a separate topic from the Swift.org redesign and can be handled separately.