Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: January 2nd 2023

Community showcase package page updates for January

  • There were only a small number of nominations for this month, potentially because of the holiday break.
  • The group discussed including nominations that were not selected to be featured from previous months and keeping around a pool of backup nominations for times when this happens.
  • @daveverwer shared a new mechanism for group voting on package nominations. It will now be done via a shared spreadsheet with links to package metadata to make it easier for SWWG members to make informed decisions.
  • @mishal_shah asked if we had any data on how often these pages are being used. We agreed to gather stats from both Swift.org side and Swift Package Index analytics.

:a: @daveverwer to put together the pool of previous nominations, include them in this month’s spreadsheet and share that with the SWWG for voting.
:a: @daveverwer will put together a pull request with the historical package pages.
:a: @daveverwer to share some incoming stats from featured package pages from SPI analytics.
:a: @mishal_shah to gather some stats from Swift.org analytics.

Top navigation bar

  • @mishal_shah suggested we look at Swift.org analytics and check how the top-ranked pages are affected by potentially being nested deeper inside a multi-level navigation.
  • @cthielen noted that we should keep in mind that the current navigation structure may also influence which pages are being visited.

:a: @mishal_shah to gather some stats from Swift.org analytics and check against new navigation structure.

Community section on the homepage

  • @cthielen wanted to discuss the two proposals to include the latest blog posts on the home page and the proposal from Federico Bucchi (which is in Slack) to include a community section on the home page with events, links to social media posts, Stack Overflow, etc…
  • The group discussed maybe merging the two ideas. There was also an idea raised where maybe not all blog posts get to the home page, just “significant” ones.

:a: @cthielen to investigate further and put together a pull request.

Slack history

  • @mishal_shah wanted to bring up that we sometimes have important discussions in Slack that need to be referred back to later, but with the 90-day history limit in a free Slack that is not possible and suggested we use the Swift forum for any conversation that isn’t ephemeral.
  • The group agreed, but also the reality of a situation like this is that people will forget and use the path of least resistance. It may be hard to change the group’s behaviour.
  • The group discussed Discord vs Slack vs Swift forums. Usability, pros and cons, and other issues.

No actions, but we may return to this topic in the future.

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