Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: April 23rd 2024

Here are the meeting notes from April 23, 2024.



Review last meeting's notes

  • Publish meeting notes from March 12.
  • Publish meeting notes from April 9.

Membership re-application process


  • The workgroup reviewed the SKIP Tools blog post draft and decided to pass it along to the core team for further review.

Blog post guidelines

  • Discussed whether to surface a link to the guidelines on the blog post page.
  • We still have an action item to review the guidelines and update them if necessary.
  • :a: @alexandersandberg to fix the layout of the blog post contribution guidelines.
  • @mishal_shah mentioned that the project update blog post will be out soon.
  • @mishal_shah asked the group about timeline to discuss the Swift rewrite of the site.
    • @kaishin suggested we review the big project we have and re-prioritize them for the rest of the year.
    • :a: @kaishin to create a forum thread to list the big projects before we discuss them in an upcoming meeting.

Discord Server?

  • @0xTim laid out the pros and cons of Slack and Discord, noting that while the latter is free, it has a spam problem and is hard to get approve within big companies.
  • The workgroup expressed interest in exploring the use of the new chat feature in Discourse.