Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting notes: 6th December 2022

Apologies for the delay.



  • @tomerd Recap of the goals of the workgroup and the ongoing projects and people involved.

Contributor community calendar

  • @parispittman pitched the Contributor Community Calendar. Can include upstream work and new contributor activities. Information such as when the core team meets, discussion items, etc. Inclusive, transparent on the website.
  • @tomerd: We can carve a space out for the contributor audience, as users of the languages are the primary target of the website.
  • @parispittman :a: Schedule a call with interested members. Then proceed on GitHub afterwards.
  • @mishal_shah Brought up the question of how to represent release windows on the calendar. @parispittman mentioned that we can look at solutions like how vacations are typically presented on calendars.

Scoop installation

  • @mishal_shah mentioned that Saleem's approval is needed. There is also a new proposal of how the installation happens. This might be something we have to discuss.

PR Preview Hosting

  • @mishal_shah: Will further explore the /pr-number + banner solution. Delete content after PR is merged.
  • @mishal_shah: This comes back to something @mschinis brought up: host the website in a subdomain.

Content Improvements

  • @kaishin :a: Ping team about taking a look at the PR. Looking for visual and copy feedback at this stage. Front-end code can be ignored.
  • @James_Dempsey :a: Add content yaml.
  • @tomerd brought up the topic of Getting Started with the core team. Got okay to mention Vapor and SwiftUI (specific frameworks for specific platforms). The process would be the following: The SWWG makes a recommendation of why we select a specific framework to be featured on the getting started guide. We would need to make the recommendation based on data: how popular framework is, good security policies, contributors, etc.
  • @Paul_Hudson pitched recording a video to introduce SwiftUI.
  • @kaishin brought up the issue of keeping the video up-to-date, which will be more onerous than text.
  • @James_Dempsey mentioned how Xcode UI can also get out of date.
  • @tomerd emphasised that a video guide wouldn't replace a written one. We can stagger them.
  • @Paul_Hudson :a: Start drafting the SwiftUI getting started guide.
  • @mishal_shah raised the question of how and where we can host sample code related to these guides. @tomerd replied that we can figure that out at a later stage once we have the initial guides in place.
  • @mishal_shah pitched including a Zip of the final code.
  • @kaishin pitched including a copy code button in code blocks.
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