Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: 31st January 2023


Completed action items from 17th Jan

  • @daveverwer followed up on the blog post proposal and a draft is in progress.
  • @James_Dempsey added a link to TSPL book in the Go Further section of the content improvement branch, and @kaishin updated the layout CSS.
  • @daveverwer clarified some of the initial paragraphs of the content improvement branch around the Swift Package Manager and added an introduction to the Using Swift section
  • @kaishin added thumbnails for the videos in the Go Further section of the content improvements branch.
  • @0xTim opened the PR for the Vapor tutorial in the content improvements branch.
  • @kaishin opened and merged a PR adding arrows to external links.


  • Publishing SWWG meeting notes
    • @tomerd raised the issue that we have fallen behind with publishing meeting notes publicly.
    • :a: We will begin the next meeting with ten minutes dedicated to approving all pending meeting notes.
  • Community blog posts
    • @kaishin suggested tracking blog post proposals and progress somewhere. The group discussed when this may be necessary and concluded that it was a good idea for the future.
    • :a: @daveverwer will continue to discuss the current proposal and will catch up with the author before the next meeting.
  • Content improvements
    • @alexandersandberg opened PR226 with a new section linking to the documentation, including translations and other useful links.
      • :a: @alexandersandberg will take the discussion and feedback on this PR and make amendments and consolidate the documentation links on the getting started page.
    • The group discussed reviewing tutorial content again:
    • The workgroup has agreed to target the next SWWG meeting in mid-February to have the content-improvements branch ready for external input.
    • @mishal_shah reported back on progress with the install page and clarified that only the UI changes on this page are tied to the content improvements branch and that the back-end changes can go live independently.
  • Open Pull Requests
  • Workgroup admin and process
    • :a: Carried over from the previous meeting for @0xTim to look into adding a bi-weekly reminder to Slack for agenda items.
  • The workgroup discussed the open pitch for the Swift Contributor Experience Workgroup and how it will bring additional focus on contribution-focused content into the SWWG discussions.