Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: 28th March 2023



Workgroup Membership

As the Swift Website Workgroup nears the end of its initial year, Paul Hudson and Kristina Fox will be leaving the workgroup. Thank you to Paul and Kristina for your work and participation over the past year in establishing the workgroup.

Members of the community who have an interest in joining the Swift Website Workgroup, please express your interest by contacting @swift-website-workgroup on the Swift Forums. More information about the workgroup and its charter is available on Swift.org.

Content Improvements

Content improvements are largely complete on the content-improvements branch with the following exceptions:

  • Downloads and install page
  • Final landing page details

@tomerd suggested setting a date to present the content improvements to the core team.

:a: @tomerd to start coordinating setting up presentation to core team

@mishal_shah said it would be great for everyone to be there allowing the two groups to put names to faces.

@kaishin suggested deploying with the preview banner for the demo

@mishal_shah suggested testing it first to make sure it behaves as expected

Swift 5.8 Blog Post

Content for the post was still needed from @mishal_shah for the Downloads section and @TimTr regarding DocC.

Once that content is added, the post will be marked as ready for review.

The publish date needs to be determined but the PR itself should be ready to go in next day or so.

@mishal_shah brought up that 5.8 supports UBI 9 which was not supported previously

@tomerd Maybe add some explanation as to rationale for supporting new platform, what happened to CentOS, etc.

:a: @alexandersandberg would get PR out of draft and request review, get it ready to go

:a: @mishal_shah will coordinate the merge and release.

@mishal_shah raised the issue that blog posts should only be mergable by a subset of code owners of the entire site. But if a PR includes a file outside the _blogs directory, once the PR is approved any code owner can merge it.

@tomerd pointed out that although it would be better for Github to automatically prevent this, as long as people don’t merge an approved post, it is not a problem. Good communication can address this. Alternate things would be to ask for reviews while still a draft PR, or even just putting a big “DO NOT MERGE” banner at the top.

The consensus for the Swift 5.8 post was to keep it as a draft PR and tag reviewers in a comment to notify the post is eady for review.

Feature Identifiers / Upcoming Feature Flags on Swift Evolution Page

@James_Dempsey brought up an issue submitted to GitHub to add feature identifiers a.k.a. upcoming feature flags to the GitHub Evolution page.

The group agreed this would be a desireable thing to do.

:a: The proposals.json feed is currently closed source, so @James_Dempsey will start a conversation with @mishal_shah and @alex_martini about adding the field.

Once the field is added to the JSON feed the evolution page can be updated to use it.

Value Types Blog Post

As an offshoot of the content improvement work, @James_Dempsey wrote a draft blog post regarding value and reference types for a beginner audience, with the intent to link to it from the Go Further section of the updated Getting Started page.

Group members agreed to review and provide feedback on the post before the next workgroup meeting.

Website Workgroup Update blog post

@James_Dempsey brought up that the content improvements may roll out at about the same time as the first anniversary of the workgroup and suggested a blog post to talk about both.

@tomerd said it would be good to review all the enhancements made on the site over the past year.

@daveverwer suggested it would also be a good opportunity to mention the new process for community blog posts to generate interest from the community.