Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: 28th February 2023



Previous Action Items

New Stuff

Content Improvements review

  • feedback generally positive
  • need to tweak the landing page and install pages
  • :a: @James_Dempsey to change the blog post linked to something about the type system

Landing Page

  • Add emojis to titles to break up the text
  • Convert the different sections of text into cards to break it up as well
  • :a: @kaishin and @alexandersandberg to open a PR to tweak the landing page


  • @mishal_shah raised that GSoC is coming up and is there any project we want the propose
  • @0xTim raised the idea of the website rewrite to Swift
  • Discussions about using Publish/Vapor and potential implementation details
  • Might fit better with the Mentorship Program

Thanks for finally posting the Meeting Notes for the last several months!! It's great to finally be able to see and track progress on the upcoming Swift 2.0 Website! :+1:

That being said, I don't see any Meeting Notes for this month. Have you guys not had any meetings this month? Are you going to be posting about it next week?

Also, if we use the formation of and first posting of Meeting Notes for the Swift Website Workinggroup to its own forum back at the beginning of May 2022, it looks like we are missing updates/Meeting Notes for July and August. Is this because no meetings were held or the core group hasn't gotten around to posting those updates?

Thanks as always for these postings and I appreciate all the work you guys do!! :smiley::+1: