Swift Website Workgroup Meeting Notes - 20th September 2022



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:arrow_right: New meeting time?

Attendance low on last couple of meetings. @James_Dempsey @kristina noted they have a recurring conflict for the current time slot. Suggested to move the meeting series out by a week to avoid these conflicts.

:arrow_right: Immediate content improvements

We want to focus on 4 pages:

  • home / landing
  • getting started
  • install
  • downloads

Discussion about the goals of the "getting started" page and generally agreed it should direct visitors base on their intent / goals. e.g. "I want to build a CLI", "I want to build a web server", "I want to build an iOS app", etc. We want to also echo the same intent / goal driven thinking to the home page, where we highlight the different use case for Swift, e.g. "Swift for Apple platforms", "Swift for web services", "Swift for machine learning" and then take the visitors to a domain specific page that adds more information about the use case / domain and link back to the domain specific getting started guide.

:a: @Paul_Hudson will make a concrete suggestion exploring the "getting started" space

:a: @mishal_shah will work on setting up a preview for the "content-improvements" branch.

:arrow_right: Integrating the evolution dashboard

The evolution dashboard is a bit hidden and hard to find, we want to improve that by integrating it into the swift.org website. While exploring this space, we also noticed that information about the evolution process is a bit hard to find, so we want to solve both at the same time. Some of the suggested changes discussed:

  • move/copy the index.{html, css, js} files from swift-evolution repo to the website repo
  • create a new page in the website that has the full evolution dashboard, perhaps adjusting the CSS to better match the current website's design
  • community page, contributing category
    • move "Participating in the Swift Evolution Process" subsection to be the same level as "contributing code" and placed right above it. it should appear in the navigation bar. We also want to rename this title to something more light weight like "Swift Evolution" and focus the language on contributing by reading and expressing opinion on ongoing proposals and not necessarily posting new ones. We can also explore embedding the dashboard here, maybe only active and recent proposals.
    • move "Adding External Library Dependencies" and "LLVM and Swift" as subsections of "contributing code", they should not appear in the navigation bar
  • open source development page
    • add new category "Swift Evolution" and reuse some of the language from "Participating in the Swift Evolution Process" discussed above, but focus the language more on posting new proposals.

:a: @kaishin will make a PRs (into the main branch) exploring the above navigation and content shifting ideas

:a: @mishal_shah will move the underlying JSON data file that is driving this dashboard to a more reliable place, and update the URL once done