Swift Trunk (main) nightly development Ubuntu 20.04 aarch64 Snapshots available!

We are happy to announce Swift Trunk (main) nightly development snapshots for Ubuntu 20.04 aarch64 on Swift.org - Download Swift


It's so cool to have aarch64 support! Delighted to see that.

I'm now adding aarch64 support to my swiftbox tool (a toolchain manager for Swift on Linux), but it seems there's no latest-build.yml under https://swift.org/builds/development/ubuntu2004-aarch64 yet. Is there going to be one?

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This is great! This means we can now officially run Swift applications on the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4!

And together with official builds of VSCode from Microsoft (or VSCodium if you prefer), you can get a full modern, graphical development environment up and running, as you would on a Linux x86 box.

I've been doing this for a while now. The development environment is certainly enough to be productive, and the runtime support works really well if you want to, say, set up a little mini-computer to do continuous fuzz-testing (without an enormous electricity bill - peak power consumption at 400% CPU load is about 6.4W :zap:).


@mishal_shah this is great news!
Are you using the builds from Swift - Ubuntu 20.04 Linux aarch64 (main) [Jenkins] or are they coming from a different source?

We are currently building it as part of this job https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-package-ubuntu-20_04-aarch64. This allows us to use the same tagging and code signing workflow as other platforms. However, we can get early signal from the powerful system you have on Swift Community-Hosted CI.

This is not an official support endpoint, but I can look into adding it for this platform too.

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@mishal_shah you are welcome to use our server to run the official builds. You have administrator access and you can create any extra build jobs you need. The server has plenty of performance and can easily handle the extra work.

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:partying_face: Swift on Raspi is nice, but it really flies on Graviton2 :rocket: looking forward to the official Amazonlinux2 build.

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Great news… let me remind you about good old armv6 (think Raspberry Pi Zero) though…

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