Swift, TextKit, and the future?

TextKit is a sophisticated Apple framework for text storage,
layout, and editing in macOS programs. It dates back to NextStep
and it has an Objective-C implementation that is bridged to Swift.

I am writing a custom NSTextStorage implementation in Swift. Now
and then I worry that I am focusing my development on an aged API
when something easier and more powerful will emerge, soon.

Is there a new text API that I should be paying attention to, now?

Any reason to believe that TextKit will be outmoded any time soon?


Even if TextKit gets deprecated, it's seems to be Apple practice to maintain the API for several years into the future, especially for one that is as critical to Cocoa applications as TextKit is. Apple is pretty tight-lipped about what its future plans are, so, the best advice has always been use the frameworks you have now, and adapt if something new comes along that you want to use. I think TextKit, that has millions of lines of code using it, will not be dumped quickly.

Someones talk same thing about Scene Kit, but it still alive as never. On the contrary, Game Session was mercilessly destroyed

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TextKit is too fundamental for Apple to quickly replace. Even if they announced a new text API tomorrow it would take at least five years to remove. Even if Apple's only requirement for doing so was removing TextKit from their own programs.

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