Swift Syntax Framework Documentation

Will Swift Syntax get framework documentation?

Now with Macros, it would be very helpful to be able to browse through SwiftSyntax, SwiftSyntaxBuilder, SwiftSyntaxMacros and related APIs. Perhaps with some additional articles?

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i’m not sure what you mean by “framework documentation”, but if you are just trying to browse docs with all the SwiftSyntax modules together, you can read them on swiftinit.org/docs/swift-syntax.

That's what I do, but I would appreciate a rendered form in the documentation website or in Xcode Developer Documentation window.

You can find a rendered documentation here: swift-syntax Documentation – Swift Package Index


can you elaborate more on what you mean by “rendered form”? the swiftinit docs are rendered, just not with DocC Render.

Wow I completely missed documentations on Swift Package Index. Thank you!

The reason you don't see Swift Syntax on developer.apple.com or in the Xcode doc viewer is that both of those places include only modules that ship as part of the SDK. Swift Syntax isn't part of the SDK, so it's not included there.


Got it. Makes sense. Thank you all.