Swift Release Management Process - Public Roadmap?

There are currently a well defined release management process for Swift and I do like the evolution process overall (thanks!). There is one thing that I do think is missing and that has been fairly ad-hoc as far as I can tell so far - and that is the actual roadmap for Swift for future releases.

I just realised this when looking at the Swift 5.6 release process where it is stated:

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, particularly if they tie in with the core goal of the release.

So what are those core goals? There is no roadmap to reference, so how would one know?

As I got no reply there, I created this thread.

As I mentioned in that thread, we previously had Teds "on the road to swift 6" post, but it was quite some time ago and a bit unclear what the impact of core goals of e.g Swift 5.6 would be.

I'd assume the core team has a number of focus areas planned for a given release (e.g. as Concurrency was for 5.5), would it be possible to ask for these to be shared on swift.org in some period manner tied to releases?

It's not a request for "will feature X come in release Y" (I understand there may be reluctance to share that for various reasons), but rather to try to paint a picture of the road ahead (in the best of worlds perhaps even a couple of releases ahead - in more detail than the high level roadmap for Swift 6 already shared).



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