Swift/Python interop library, Xcode 9.3b3 edition

(Chris Lattner) #1

For those who are interested, here’s an updated version of the Python interop layer that I’m slowly pushing forward. This adopts conditional conformances, which cleans up the array/dictionary interop layer (they can now conform to PythonConvertible). This does not yet adopt @dynamicMemberLookup, as it is not supported in Xcode 9.3:

Questions, comments, suggestions for improvement welcome.


Python Interop with Swift 4+
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(Pedro José Pereira Vieito) #2

Great! For anyone interested I have published a packaged version to use it with Swift PM on macOS/Linux: https://github.com/pvieito/PythonKit

(Kevin Pham) #3

Now that @dynamicMemberLookup is implemented in the recently released Swift 4.2, will you be updating your PythonInterop.playground file to show how it can be used?

(Ben Rimmington) #4