Swift Prometheus v2.0

In June 22 Swift Prometheus has seen it's 1.0 release. After more than a year and a change in maintainers – @MrLotU (Jari) has stepped down and @ktoso (Konrad) and @fabianfett have stepped up – work has started on a 2.0 release for Swift Prometheus.

We are currently in the middle of revising the API for version 2.0.

Changes so far:

  • The repository has been moved from swift-server-community to swift-server
  • The repository has been renamed to swift-prometheus
  • The dependency on swift-nio has been dropped
  • PrometheusClient has been renamed to PrometheusCollectorRegistry
  • Most method names on PrometheusCollectorRegistry have been changed as well createMetric has been renamed to makeMetric in most cases
  • Summaries are no longer supported
  • The PromMetric protocol has been removed
  • The Collector types are no longer prefixed with Prom
  • Exports to the prometheus text format have seen a significant speed improvement

If you are interested, get involved, make your voice heard in PR discussion, raise issues or propose changes! We welcome all kinds of contributions.

Get involved on GitHub:



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