Swift PM app in Xcode 11 (beta 5) gets four "My Mac" platform options

My Swift PM application (single executable with SPM dependencies) works fine in Xcode with "swift package generate-xcodeproj" and offers a single "My Mac" platform option for debugging.

When loading the same application directly into Xcode 11 (beta 5) to avoid the generate-xcodeproj step I get four My Mac options as shown which then leads to
unexpected service error: build aborted due to an internal error: planningFailed("multiple configured targets of XXX are being created for macOS")

Any advice from anyone?

Many thanks,


Thanks, we are already tracking both of these issues. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for the multiple configured target issue, so I would recommend that you stick with beta 4 for this project for the time being.


Thanks for confirming that, @NeoNacho. Is the intent that the specified platforms in your Package manifest will be respected by Xcode 11 as well? If I specify .macOS(.v10_14), I still see all of the iOS simulators and targets present in Xcode's list of targets.

I'm happy to file feedback if this isn't being tracked already - I realise this isn't the appropriate forum for this conversation.

That is expected, the platforms setting is only for customising the deployment target, but not for restricting supported platforms, see the notes in [Accepted with Modifications] SE-0236: Package Manager Platform Deployment Settings


TIL - thanks for the information!

Thanks very much for confirming that these are issues and tracked. I wasn't certain I was doing things right as I didn't try with earlier betas.

BR, Mark

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