Swift Platform Support

As the number of platforms supported by Swift grows, users of Swift benefit from having a clear understanding of what tools and capabilities are available on specific platforms for the development and deployment of Swift applications. We are thus excited to announce a new section on Swift.org — aptly titled platform support — that acts as a central hub for this information.

The support for different platforms comes from different contributors to the Swift open source project. For each platform, there is a designated “platform owner” who serve as the primary point of contact for individual platforms. These stewardship roles will enable users and contributors to understand the level of support for each platform and make an informed decision when using Swift on that platform. Furthermore, documentation for each platform will be available for users on Swift.org.

Information on both the currently supported platforms, and their platform owners and documentation, are available in the new platform support section!


Thank you for creating this!

I think watchOS and tvOS minimum versions are swapped ( 9 <=> 2 ).

Thanks @CFUsername, updated the version.

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Minor grammar issue, this sentence does not parse meaningfully:

There are the platforms one can use Swift’s development tools.

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Thanks @Nevin, updated.

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@mishal_shah There are two broken auto-links:

Platform owners have sections on forums.swift.org

Apple will then re-sign the toolchain under swift.org

Thanks @benrimmington, updated.

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@mishal_shah Can you remove the checkmarks for the REPL next to Ubuntu and Windows (and likely CentOS too)?

I use these platforms natively and the REPL does not work there:

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Thanks @mishal_shah, very exciting development!

We'll be looking at getting the WebAssembly platform ready for the Deployment-only category. Guessing we'll need to stretch the meaning of Every platform is expected to have core runtime, Standard Library support, and core libraries a bit. SPM is working fairly well, but debugger and REPL are still a ways to go.

I'd be really interested how Android is treated in this regard. It's obviously been usable for a long while now but seems important pieces are still missing.


cc: @tomerd for Ubuntu/CentOS REPL issues
cc: @compnerd for Windows REPL issues

What would it take to get Android listed on that page and prebuilt Android SDKs distributed at swift.org/download? I have recently started distributing prebuilt Android SDKs myself and have been submitting the patches it took to make those SDKs possible to build with a build-script invocation.


The new Platform Support page has sidebar items (Installing Swift, Using the REPL, Using the Package Manager, Using the LLDB Debugger) which are intended for the Getting Started page.

There's also a Platform Support section on the About Swift page. Should that section be updated or removed?

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