Swift packages not showing up in Xcode



  • I am not sure why the GitHub packages are not showing up in Xcode 14.1
  • It shows 0 packages under GitHub.
  • I have signed into GitHub on Xcode and my GitHub has swift packages.


  1. Am I missing something?
  2. Are others facing the same issue?

Screenshot (Xcode)

I don't believe that's how the feature works. You have to enter the URL of the package in the search field. It's a weird UX but it is what it is.

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@Jon_Shier Thanks for confirming that is the case for you as well.

If I remember correctly (could be wrong) I think i have seen this feature working long back, it used to list my GitHub packages. The only trouble I had then was that it used to list only the top 20 packages. I used to think it was a pagination bug.

I wish someday this feature works, presently it is tedious to log into GitHub to get the URL.