Swift package manager build with bitcode

Hi, All:
Recently I'm converting my project "A" to support SPM, and use ''swift package generate-xcodeproj" to generate the project. And I have another framework "B" that use git submodule referent to project "A", when build iOS target for "B", I got some error:

ld: bitcode bundle could not be generated because 
was built without full bitcode. 
All frameworks and dylibs for bitcode must be generated from Xcode Archive or Install build file 
for architecture arm64

How to resolve this?

Does B include A by...

  • ...referring to its generated Xcode project? (By dragging the generated project into another project.)
  • ...referring to the package directly with Xcode 11’s new support for packages? (By dragging the package’s directory—not the manifest—into the other Xcode project.)

I would try the opposite of whichever you have set up right now and see if it fixes your issue. Sometimes bugs only affect one of the two strategies.

You can report issues with the project generation to SwiftPM at bugs.swift.org. And you can report issues with Xcode with Feedback Assistant.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry to reply so late!

The project B is include A by A’s generated project, and project B is not generated by “swift package generate-xcodeproj” command, it’s created by Xcode (may be Xcode 8).

I have tested directly integrate A through generated Xcode or package, all works well.

After convert the project B to support SPM, the compile issue has gone.