Swift Package Index: Windows, Architecture, Filtering

First: It is great that we have the Swift Package Index, and it already seems to works great, thanks to everyone involved.

But I have some questions concerning the Swift Package Index, and I did not find answers in the FAQ, in the Builds FAQ, or in the according blog entry on swift.org, and I did not find an according forums topic.

  • The Swift Package Index does not seem to support signaling the support for Windows, right? Are there any plans to support it?
  • According to its documentation, the platform support is inferred from building (and included tests? I did not see any infos about tests), but I am not sure if this is always enough to ensure compatibility. What about the creator of a package being able to give hints, e.g. when the creator knows that the package does not behave well on a certain platform?
  • Concerning Linux and Windows, a) I do not understand which Linux versions are tested (all listed on the download page of swift.org?), and b) if both ARM and Intel versions are being tested (for Windows, testing on ARM would more a thing for the future as there is not a stable Windows-ARM version of Swift yet). The strategy is maybe, if it works on one Linux, then it should work on the others, which sounds kind of a sensible thing to me (maybe checking ARM/Intel separately could be a good idea), but I did not see any statements about this.
  • Is it possible to filter search results by supported platforms?
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Add your support to #1354: Add Windows to Compatibility matrix.

Done. Thanks for the link.