Swift Package for Google Maps iOS SDK

If you are looking to adopt Swift Package Manager and Google Maps iOS SDK is holding you back. Then there is a solution now.

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You can add it to this nice SwiftPM index site https://swiftpackageindex.com/ :+1:


It's unclear how to use this. The package doesn't seem to install with the simple File > New Package > paste in the git URL. It also says it needs Carthage. Does anyone have instructions for this? I want to use GooglePlaces Autocomplete with my students & in each class there are ALWAYS students that have issues with Cocoapods, so I'm hoping package manager works.

Select the project in Xcode and the Select Swift Packages or navigate to File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency...

Enter the URL: https://github.com/YAtechnologies/GoogleMaps-SP.git

Click Next and then use the default options.

Carthage is needed to create your private version of the package and not to use it.

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