Swift.org Blog: Swift Community-Hosted Continuous Integration


(Mishal Shah) #1

There is new blog post on swift.org about Swift Community-Hosted Continuous Integration

Thanks everyone who helped make this happen!

Please feel free to use this forum thread to provide comments or ask questions about the Swift Community-Hosted CI.

(Félix Fischer) #2

So I guess this means that now if a PR breaks a community CI build, say Fedora or Windows (after someone makes one) that will be detected before the PR gets merged?

(Mishal Shah) #3

Currently, community-hosted jobs run post merge. However, in the future we are planning on adding pull request testing depending on number of nodes provided by the community.

(Lukas Stabe 🙃) #4

This looks great!

Could you expand the readme with a bit more info about what is required of a node? Obviously it needs Swifts dependencies, but are there any Jenkins-related tools needed, or does Jenkins just ssh into the node and run the commands the readme mentions in “Verify preset builds on the server”?

(Mishal Shah) #5

@ahti Additional tool required for Jenkins is Java, and yes it will use ssh to execute commands.

(Félix Fischer) #6

That’s awesome. Thanks for making this ^^

(Simon Pilkington) #7

Are there any plans to extend this feature to offer releases/snapshots for these platforms through swift.org?

(Adrian Zubarev) #8

I definitely second this! It would be awesome if we wouldn't need to compile snapshots on our own. Looking forward for ARMv7 snapshots.

(Neil Jones) #9

After submitting a PR request for a new node how long does it take for review and approval?

(Mishal Shah) #10

Normally takes 2-3 business days to get node and jobs approved.

(Neil Jones) #11

@mishal_shah https://ci-external.swift.org/ has been down for the last 2 days with this message:- "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."
Is this a known issue? Do we know how long before it will be fixed?