Swift Open Source Toolchain For ARM64 / AArch64

I know it has been discussed a lot before, but now that we are in the mid-point of ARM (Apple Silicon) transition of the Macs, I am really curious about official ARM64-Linux Swift Toolchain and Docker images, especially what things are in the works and why it has not arrived yet. There are people out there who are making unofficial versions, but it would be great to work with an officially supported version.

I am a server-side Swift developer using an M1 Max Mac, so you can imagine how much I would want this to happen :sob:


The nightlies, which are the precursors/betas of the official images in DockerHub are Multiplatform so it shouldn't be too long until they release the real thing (or at least it's in the works)


Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the release!

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