Swift on Windows Nightlies & Testing


(Saleem Abdulrasool) #1

Hello swift community,

Following up on the Swift on Windows Nightlies work, I've altered the runs to now also run the tests even though they are not fully passing. In my local runs (with some patches that are still in the process of being polished for the tree), we are under 175 failures on Windows! Hopefully, this will help keep the regressions to a minimum, and we can figure out how to deal with fixing the last of the test failures to get the Windows support at par with the other targets. As is, in the quest to get to that point, I have enabled additional tests that were not even running on Linux (for various reasons), so the overall state should be quite good.

In order to make this more consumable though, we will need Foundation as well. Foundation itself is very nearly ported (with one method in NSTask and just interfaces in NSFileManager left to port) with most of the changes merged. There are still a couple of compiler related items that need to be looked into to make the final bits of Foundation usable on Windows.

You can still download the nightly build from Azure as well as check on the test status through the builds there. For those who are interested in helping but don't feel up to working on the runtime, compiler, corelibs, but are familiar with python, python's multiprocessing is currently one of the problem areas in the test harness and would help significantly to figure out what is causing abnormal issues there. For those that are interested in more infrastructure work, there is a bunch of work to be done on the build infrastructure side still (e.g. getting build-script to work with Windows!). So, those that are interested, there is still plenty of work to be done in all areas, so feel free to message me if you are interested in working on certain areas.

CC: @tkremenek @Michael_Gottesman @Chris_Lattner3 @bgogul @Tony_Parker

(Saleem Abdulrasool) #2

CC: @pvieito @Torust @graskind @spevans @jakepetroules @millenomi @Philippe_Hausler

(Jake Petroules) #3

Also CC: @jmittertreiner, who's been sending us some great PRs to get llbuild working on Windows.

(Tony Parker) #4

Amazing work on this port @compnerd!

(Ru Sshy) #5

I had some free time this week end and started experimenting a bit with Swift on windows before trying to get my hand on the CI/CD pipeline

Works perfectly fine until i had to use the Swift Package Manager, is it missing ? or not yet ported ?

I also contacted jetbrains so they could update their CLion Swift plugin to support windows, but they also need the Swift Package Manager and SourceKit

A bit too early, but probably something like rustup will be needed in the future

(Saleem Abdulrasool) #6

Yeah, I haven't ported swift-package-manager yet. That requires Foundation, and that is not done yet (it is being held up due to other changes that @spevans and @millenomi were working on).