Swift on Suse Linux

Has anyone experience with compiling and using the Swift toolchain (and Foundation) on Suse Linux, or is anyone interested in it, or has anyone some advice? Should this be easy or hard? Thanks.

I have tried to build swift on ubuntu once but failed, since my SSD wasn't big enough :D I haven't used SUSE (SLED, OpenSuse) for 5 years but I'm interested. What do you want to achieve? Build it from curiosity or have some Jenkins based CI?

@stuchlej: It simply would be a good thing for me to have Swift available on Suse Linux, so it is not just for curiosity. If it works, it certainly should become a Jenkins thing.

I think that building it for SuSe Linux should be relatively easy. It is a matter of resources. If someone wants to donate a SuSe host to run builds - I can easily setup CI as part of Azure at least.

What specs should such a (virtual) host have (disk space, RAM, CPU cores, ...)?

The more resources it has the better. It also is a matter of how often it would be able to run. The Microsoft hosted builders are a 2-core machine with 4G of RAM I believe. As far as disk space - I think that anything below 128G free is probably prohibitive. There is another host that is currently running hourly since it has enough resources - that is 16 cores, 64G of RAM, 1TB.

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