Swift Next: Swift syntax package in async/await era — for Sublime Text 4

Hi community.
I have been working on the Swift syntax file for Sublime Text 4 for a while, and published it today.

Swift Next


  • Full support of Swift 5.6 (some accepted / implemented proposals are supported in advance).
    • Older Swift versions (deprecated or retired syntax) are not supported, and not in plan.
  • Supports Documentation Comment Syntax
  • Supports MARK: TODO: FIXME:
  • Xcode-style Symbol List
  • Ships with all the Swift snippets from Xcode tuned for Sublime Text
  • Compatible with the new regex engine of Sublime Text

Working with Sublime Text to write Swift have never been better these days, thanks to sourcekit-lsp & LSP-SourceKit combo and /usr/bin/xcdebug.

I write Swift code mainly with Sublime Text – Xcode is only for debugging.
You can even work with iOS frameworks if you specify iOS toolchain.

I hope you try it out and happy coding!


Is this in Package Control or does one have to download it and install manually?