Swift Mascot, etc

This is tangentially related to this thread about my experiences with the Rust ecosystem: A Few Take-Aways From the Rust Ecosystem

However, where that one is more serious, this may be one of the most trivial (but fun) things posted on this forum.

Rust has an official mascot: Ferris the crab and Rust programmers call themselves "rustaceans".

So... the questions for us:

  • What do we call ourselves?
  • What is our mascot and what does he or she look like? (obviously a bird)
  • What is our mascot's name?

This obviously isn't a serious question... just a chance to give our community some fun cultural artifacts.


If I was a carpenter, I probably still wouldn't want to strongly identify myself as a "hammerman" just because I occasionally use a hammer for my work :wink: — but that might just be me.

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